Our coating have a good evaluation such as series of epoxy,series of alcohol acid,series of chlorinates rubber,series of acry polyurethame,series of high temperature resistant coatings and so on.Through the use of our coatings that reached good effect in the metallurgical such as

(1)Shanghai Baoye Construction Corp Co., Ltd.

(2)MCC Chenggong Wuye Construction Co.,Ltd.

(3)China 20th Metallurgical Construction Co.,Ltd.

(4)A steelmaking furnace and a workshop buildings of the second and third phaseof Bao Grop Corporation in CMTCC Shanghai Shisanye Construction Co.,Ltd.

(5)A workshop of hot-rolled in Shanghai first steel Co,.LTD,Wuhan Steel And Iron Work,Nanjing Steel And Iron Work,Shandong Yantai Steel And Iron Work,Shanxi Taiyuan Steel And Iron Work,Wuhan Steel And Iron Work And Some steelmaking furnaces and workshop building.


Main Plant of Yuhuan Power Plant of HuanengProjectThree sets of large moden blast furnace over 4000m3 in Baosteel,N0.3 blast furnace is awarded with the title of Luban prize


Our Solventless Self-leveling Epoxy Floor Coating get widely used.In more thanten years,the square of sonstruction engineering were more than 200000m2.For example:Shanghai General Motors Co,.Ltd in China 20th Metallurgical Construction Co.,Ltd.,A workshop of hot-rolled in Shanghai first steell Co., Ltd.,a workshop of hot-rolled in Shanghai first steel Co., Ltd.,A workshop of hot-rolled in Wuhan Steel And Iron Work and so on.

Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd



We developed and produced some coatings such as H60Epoxy Coal Tar Mastic Anti-corrosion Coatings and H55Anti-corrisive Coating Dringking Water Container.And in twenty years,the anti-corrosion construction of water pipe between ø1.6mm to ø3.6mm is more than 2000kilometreasand widely used in domestic and overseas.

For example(1)The project of Venezula(2)Shanghai Municipal Raw Water Co.,Ltd and Water supply company (3)Guangdong Water Company (4)Zhongshan Water Supply Company (5)Changzhou Water Supply Company and so on.



Our Company produce many kinds of coatings such as H06-1 Zinc-Rich Epoxy Primer;H53-6 Epoxy MIO Antirust Paint;J52-63 Chlorinated Rubber Topcoat;BS52-12 Acrylic Polyurethane Topcoat(2K),H52-61Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch-based Anti-corrosion Coating Thick Slurry.and through the use of these coatings many companies achieved a good result.For example:1)Shanghai Baosteel Grop Corporation;2)Coal of Shanxi Yaxin Co.,Ltd;3)Shanzi Xishan Bureau of Mines Gas Company and any other manufactured coal gas plants.At the same time,the square of gasholder from 50000 to 200000 is also highly estimated anticorrosive application.

Dry gas loldersManufactured coal gas plants

In this years our company produced H06-1Zinc-rich Epoxy primer,H53-6Epoxy MIO Antirust Paint,CO4-42Alkyd Enand(Weather Resistance),BS52-12Acry POlyurethame Topcoat(2K) and any other coatings.We cooperation with Shanghai Baoye Construction Corp Co.,Ltd. is more than ten years and have a food eddect.

Suzhou International Expo CenterAn airport terminal of Henam Zhengzhou AirportShanghai new Exhibition Center In Pudong

Nanning International Convention And Exhibition Center

Shanghai Jasper Sky Mansion In pudong