SFHD-1 Solventless Epoxy Flooring Paint


Low viscosity epoxy resin, curing agent, pigment/filler, additive, etc. Two-component (A and B) 



Coatings for industrial floor and high-class mansion floor. 



Low VOC and non-toxic, film can adjust within μm and mm, good leveling and appearance, good mechanical property, excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, acid, base , salt and solvents. 

Physical Parameter:

Color and Appearance: All colors, gloss

Density: Approx. 1.5 kg/L

Film Thickness: (Optional) WFT: 200μm    DFT:  198μm

Theoretic Dosage: 300 g/m2

Drying Time: 23℃,  Dust-Free: ≤12 h,  Hard Drying: 36 h, Complete Drying: 7 d

Volume Solid: Above 95%

Storage: 23℃, 1 year

Application Parameter:

Formula Ratio: Component A: Component B=4:1 (weight ratio)

Curing Time: 15 min

Pot Life: 23℃, 1 h

Coating Method: Roll coating or hand brushing

Diluent: Unnecessary, while using 102 diluent as cleaning agent.

Pre-Coat Accessory Coatings: HD-1 epoxy flooring blocking primer or SFHD-1 with 10% 0f 102 diluent as blocking primer.

Coating Interval: Unnecessary

Because of its short pot life, it should be used by little volume and many times. During 0~10 ℃, the curing time will extend by 2~3 times.


The data in this Specification is derived from experiments and practical applications, and can be regarded as a guide for application. The title product is only for specialty application. Otherwise we only guarantee the quality of the said coatings itself if it is used in other sectors undescribed herein or fresh sectors.

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