Weather Resistant Exterior Latex Paint

This product is based on weather resistant emulsion, as well as imported titanium dioxide filler and additive. 

Coating of exterior concrete walls. 

White and colors of exterior walls from color card 

Excellent resistance to water, base, weather and scrabing, good opacity. 

Application Parameter:
Coating Method: Hand brushing or roll coating (if viscosity is too high, 5~10% freshwater can be used as diluent)

Coating Content: 6~8 m2/L (theoretic dosage)

Wall Treatment: The wall should be firm, dry, clean and smooth. Use blocking primer to coat 1 layer of primer and 2 layers of topcoat , coating interval of each layer is 2~4 h. If puttying is necessary, please use decoration putty produced by our company. The putty prepared by white cement, talc powder and binder is also done, but not the low-grade putty prepared by talc powder and chemical paste.

The paint can should close strictly and put in the places out of children’s touch. It should be stored under 0~40℃, preventing direct irradiation of sunlight. The application temperature of above 5℃ is best, and application under 0℃ is abandon. Protect eyes carefully. If spattered into eyes, wash by plentiful fresh water instantly and then go to hospital. 

The data in this Specification is derived from experiments and practical applications, and can be regarded as a guide for application. The title product is only for specialty application. Otherwise we only guarantee the quality of the said coatings itself if it is used in other sectors undescribed herein or fresh sectors.

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