H06-1 Zinc-Rich Epoxy Primer


Zinc Power,Epoxy Recins,and Polyamide Curing Agents,etc.


Long-Service Primer for Heavy-Duty Anticorrosion on Stell/Iron Framework and Structure.


Hard Film,Good Wearability,Oil and Water Resistance,Quick Drying,Cathodic Protection,Applicable to most of High-Performance Antirust Paints and Topcoats.

Physical Parameter:

Colour: grey

Specific Gravity:Approx.2.30kg/m2(after mixed)

Film Thickness:WFT:80μm DFT:40μm

Theoretic dosage:0.37kg/m2

Flash Point:ComponetA(Binder):24℃; Component B (Curing Agent):27℃

Dry Time:(23℃)Dust-Free:≤0.5h,Hard Drying:≤24h,Entirely Cured:7d


Application Parameter:

Formula Ratio:ComponentA:ComponentB=9:1by weight

Curing Time:23℃,30min

Pot Life:23℃,8h

Coating Method:Spraying,Hand Brushing,Roll Coating

Diluent/Dilution Ratio:F102Epoxy Coatings Diluent,<5%

Surface Treament:Sand blasting must be made on surface of steel till qualified to Sa2.5Stangard of Swenden.The roughness is 30-75μm

Followed Coatings:Applicable:Epoxy,Chlosulphonated Polyethylene,PU,Chlorinated Rubber and so on;Inapplicable:Oil,Alkyd,Polyester Coatings.

Coating Interval:23℃,Min.8h,Max.4d

Notice: Zinc will appear on the surface of Zinc-Rich primers if it exposes to air for a long time.Therefore it should be on antirust process for the second time before coating.Ventilation should be necessary when applying and curing.And agitation should be done often so as to avoid deposition of Zinc.


The data in this Specification is derived from experiments and practical applications,and can be regarded as a guige for application.The title product is only for specialty application.Otherwise we only guarantee the quality of the said coating itself if it is used in other sectors underscribed herein or fresh sectors.

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