Marine Fluorocarbon Coatings


This product is a 2K air crosslinking curing coatings. One component is HDI buriet Curing agent, and the other component is prepared by fluorocarbon resin, marine pigment/filler, additive and organic solvent. It can be used for protection of metal surfaces that ask for heavy-duty anticorrosion, such as oil tanker, large-scale ships, steel bridge, oil can, chemical anticorrosive establishment and seaport steel structures. 


1. This primer is 2K package, so it should be stirred uniformly before usage, and estimate dosage according to application area. Prepare by the ratio of illumination, blend and set for 20~30 min. Brush after bubbles disappeared. 

2. Before using this primer, the coated surface should be treated. The surface should be clean and no oil. After removing oil, stain and rust, rubbing and drying, 2 layers of this paint can be coated, with a coating interval of 20 min (25℃).

3. If viscosity is too high, the specialty diluent produced by our company could be used.

4. Theoretical Dosage: 0.2~0.25 kg/m2


1. Air self-drying, easy application. 

2. Excellent adhesion. Cathodic protection.

3. The film is smooth and glossy. Excellent decoration and exterior durability, no yellowing or fading.

4. Excellent resistance to abrasion, heat, water, oil and chemicals.


1. During application, this product can not contact with water, oil, acid or base. The coating temperature should during 5~40℃, and the humidity should be less than 80%. Not apply in rainy, snowy or foggy days.

2. If using spraying, the compressed air should be removed from oil and water.

3. The same color of different batches could be different. If you have special requirement, please notice our company in advance.

4. Applying field should have good ventilation condition. No fire in applying field.

5. This kind of coatings should be used within 6 h as soon as preparation, preventing raise of viscosity or scrap of gel.

6. Applying tools and containers should be cleaned by special diluent in time.

7. Since date of production, the storage of this product is one year if stored properly. If out of storage date but tested qualified, it could also be used.


The data in this Specification is derived from experiments and practical applications, and can be regarded as a guide for application. The title product is only for specialty application. Otherwise we only guarantee the quality of the said coatings itself if it is used in other sectors undescribed herein or fresh sectors.

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