H52-61 Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch Mastic Antirust Pigment


Two packaged coatings made from epoxy resin, coal tar pitch, pigment, filler and curing agent


Anticorrosion primer for underground pipeline, steel stake on docks, container interior wall, underground or sedimentation interior wall of gas cabinet, steel structures of underwater project.


Hard film and wearability, good adhesion, waterproofing and resistance to rust for base, long-term protection in sea atmosphere areas and atrocious environment. a kind of mastic coatings and DFT can be over 150μm by high-pressure airless spray once.

Physical Parameter:

Color: Black brown

Density: 1.3 kg/L

Film Thickness: Primer: WFT: 210μm    DFT:  150μm

Theoretic Dosage:0.27 kg/m2

Flash Point: Approx. 22℃ 

Drying Time: 23℃, Dust-Free: ≤4 h, Hard Drying: ≤48 h, Fully Curing: 7 d

Storage: 1 year

Application Parameter:

Formula Ratio: Component A : Component B = 1 : 1 (Weight Ratio)

Curing Time: 23℃, 30 min, use after curing 30min when two-component mixed

Pot Life: 23℃, 8 h, unsuitable for application below 5℃

Coating Method: High-pressure airless spray, hand brushing, roll coating

Diluent/ Dilution Ratio: Diluent for F102 epoxy resin coatings,     <5%

Surface Treatment: Sand blasting qualified to Sa 2.5. Surface Degree of Roughness: 30~75μm

Post-Coat Accessory Coatings: Coatings of epoxy, chlorosulphonated polythylene, perchlorided polythene, polyurethane and chlorinated rubber. Unsuitable for using with paint of oil, alkyd and polyester

Coating Interval: 23℃, Min. 8 h,  Max. 4 d


The data in this Specification is derived from experiments and practical applications, and can be regarded as a guide for application. The title product is only for specialty application. Otherwise we only guarantee the quality of the said coating itself if it is used in other sectors undescribed herein or fresh sectors.

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