H54-1 Epoxy Oil-Resistant Antistatic Anticorrosive Coatings

Using epoxy resin as base, adding composite conductive pigment/filler, antistatic agent, additive, curing agent, etc. Two-composite (A and B) package. 


Antistatic and corrosion protection of inside of storage tanks that carry crude oil, gasoline, aero-gasoline, coal oil, diesel oil, naphtha and benzene, as well as other places that demand for static conductive coating. 

Excellent adhesion, flexibility and impact resistance, good oil and chemicals resistance, never dissolving or swelling after using,  good antistatic property. 

Physical Parameter:

Color: Black、light grey、hoar

Density: 1.37 kg/L

Film Thickness: WFT: 150μm    DFT:  100μm

Theoretic Dosage: 0.22 kg/m2

Flash Point: 25℃

Drying Time: 23℃,  Dust-Free: ≤1 h, Hard Drying: 24 h, Fully Curing: 7 d

Volume Solid: 50%

Storage: Component 1 year 

Application Parameter:
Formula Ratio: Component A:Component B=10:1 

Curing Time: 23℃, 30 min

Pot Life: 23℃, 4 h

Coating Method: High-pressure airless spray, hand brushing, roll coating. 

Diluent/Dilution Ratio: Epoxy resin coatings diluent, <5%

Surface Treatment: It can be directly coated on the steel plate of Sa 2.5. If temporary protection of steel is necessary, inorganic zinc shop primer can be used. Before coating this product, the incompact shop primer and stain should be cleaned completely.

Pre-compound coatings: E06 inorganic zinc shop primer

Coating Interval: 23℃, Min. 1 h, Max. 1 d. 


The data in this Specification is derived from experiments and practical applications, and can be regarded as a guide for application. The title product is only for specialty application. Otherwise we only guarantee the quality of the said coatings itself if it is used in other sectors undescribed herein or fresh sectors. 

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