S55 Polyurethane cooling tower anti wet primer


Hydroxyl resin, napththyl isocyanate, special resin, add hydride, resist wet additive, pigment, filler, and so on.


Salt brine container, water container, wet environment, wet


Dry fast, good adhesion and physical. After curing, resist acid is excellent.

Physical Parameter: Color: all colour

Density: 1.26-1.37 kg/L

Film Thickness: WFT: 90µm  DFT: 50µm

Theoretic Dosage:  0.12 kg/㎡

Flash Point: 27℃ 

Drying Time: 23℃ , Dust-Free: ≤0.5 h, Hard Drying: ≤24 h, Fully Curing: 7d 

Storage: A 1 year, B 6 months

Application Parameter:

Formula Ratio: Component A : Component B = 10 : 1 

Pot Life: 23℃ , 6h,

Coating Method: Spraying, hand brushing, roll coating

Diluent/Dilution Ratio: 105 diluent , <5%

Surface Treatment: If the paint already pollution, should remove oil, dirt, also used this paint thinner scrub

Pre-Coat Accessory Coatings: H06-1Zinc rich primer and H53-6 epoxy MIO antirust paint,S53-85 polyurethane MIO second coating.

Coating Interval: 0℃ , Min. 3 h; 25'C, Min. 2 h; 35℃ , Min. 1 h; Max none


The data in this Specification is derived from experiments and regarded as a guide for application. The title product is "only for only guarantee the quality of the said coating itself if it is used in fresh sectors. practical applications, and can be specialty application. Otherwise we other sectors undescribed herein or fresh sectors.

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